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Project Duration

Winter  2018 (2 months)


​the design team is made by Andrew and me

My Role

Product Designer, UI Designer

Stela App 2019

Stela, a subscription based reading app, provides customers with thousands pages of exclusive comics and novels.

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The original Stela app has several usability problems which make it inconvenient for readers to find content efficiently. Some major issues were:

1.Disorganized and overwhelming content

2.Confusing IA and navigation

3.Lack of hierarchy and inconsistent CTA


Usability: A clear and efficient navigation system

Business: Increase the ratings, subscription rate and retention rate

Branding: A clean and modern visual system; A new logo

color& logo.jpg
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The Home page is the place of discovery, providing the lates and hottest stories.

To organize information in an easily digestible way, we decided to use cards and lists design. Card allows flexibility for different types of information and can be quickly applied to many pages on Stela App.

librarycollection copy.jpg

In the Browse page, readers can pick stories from different genre


In My Library, users can customize their own reading list by adding stories to collections. They can also quickly get access to the latest reading materials in recent reading list.


Current Design

current problem.png

User Pain Points

1. As a new user, I don't want to spend too much time on scrolling to see  all the covers. I just want to find some eye catching stories from the genre I love.

2. As a return user, I want to efficiently get what
I read before and what I was interested in last time.

Based on the goals of the APP, we determined 3 types of users and their primary use of APP. 

persona stela.png

User Flow


Based on the user stories, I created user flow focusing on category and personalization.  I put several individual sections on home page and also list all genres we have on Browse page. Meanwhile, I add the page of library.

New Feature


1. Three New Button–Home, Browse, My library

design reason: Clearly showing 3 main access to different page, helping user explore the app

2. Card Design

design reason: Grouping stories' cover from same category to a card with shadow to make the content more organized.

3. Genre Label

design reason: Helping users to go through all genres.

4. Vertical list of stories

design reason: Listing all stories with thumbnails to give users access to all stories and save space.

5. "Collection" option

design reason: Allowing users to save the stories they liked to start read efficiently in future.

Wire Frame

2.0 fake wireframe_1.gif
screen shots.png

The ratings increased from 3.6 to 4.2 in Apple app store and increased form 3.8 to 4.0 in Google Play.

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Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 1.26.29 PM.png

Available Now

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