School Project

Branding, Logo design, Website design, Book design

3 months

Branding for Six Flags

Today, Six Flags has dedicated itself to setting the standard for theme park entertainment. Six Flags not only focuses on offering more fun to the world, but also benefits every family environmentally and socially; physically and emotionally; educationally and recreationally.


Choose a defunct or a dying brand and redesign its identity to fit a future vision. The main goal is to create a fresh visual identity which follows the brand soul and helps the brand to turn over a new leaf for its new vision.


I made three books and a website with new brand identity to show the progress of my exploration for the rebranding of Six Flags.
The books show the color, type system and graphic style for the
new Six Flags.


Six Flags not only focus on offering more fun to the world, but also  benefits every family from environmental to social; physical to emotional; educational to recreational.


As Six Flags aims to offer more family fun, the typeface of the logotype should be fun and playful. We choose Gotham Round as the basic shape of the logotype. 


Some letters should overlap ped with others to connect each other. To make sure the symbol and the word mark consistent, the sharp corner should be round.

Logo Design Process

Type Standards

New Colors

Standards Books